Big Data Betting Strategies with Betaminic 

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Recommended Proven-Colossus-Bonus 10 Strategies (PCB10)

This is my current system of 10 strategies made up of the best old strategies from the Colossus21, the Proven8 and the Referral Bonus strategies.

Betaminic have created a new ratings system that shows the strength of each strategy’s pattern. I have ranked strategies according to this excellent new ratings system in my report. The ratings system basically measures how strong the pattern is, or how likely the strategy results are to continue in a similar way.

I now recommend 7 of the strategies from the Colossus21 and the Proven8. I also recommend you become my referral and get another 3 profitable bonus strategies by sending me the order number from one of your pick packs. Then you can follow a very powerful combination of 10 strategies.

10 Strategies Aggregated Results